a URM Fitness Science - Outreach

Through a Fitness Science partnership, provide your student athletes with the most cutting edge, evidence-based approach to athletic performance.

UR Medicine Fitness Science will help your team improve overall strength and physical condition to gain the competitive edge.

Our School Programs Include

Strength and Conditioning Coach: Hired for your school, our coach will bring our evidence-based strength and conditioning program to your weight room to boost your team performance.

Sport Nutrition: Our registered dietician will provide presentations to your teams tailored to any nutrition topic most relevant to your goals. Examples of topics may include: Putting Together a Performance Plate, Pre-Season Fueling Strategies, and many more.

Sport Psychology: Our sport psychology services extends to support parents, athletic administrators, school staff, and mental health professionals to help connect Psychological Science with real world challenges. Dr. Cypher works extensively with teams, improving athletic performance and developing poise to conquer the challenges and stress related to sports performance. From focus to resilience to confidence to teamwork and communication, Dr. Cypher provides the tools necessary for optimal mental performance in sport.

Physical Education and Health Integration: By pushing into existing PE and health classes, our team of health experts will provide students with education and exposure to relevant health topics.

Contact Us

Appointments or questions, please call (585) 341-9200 or email FitnessScience@urmc.rochester.edu.

If you are an existing client and would like to make an appointment, visit our online scheduler: Performance Schedule