Dialogue Magazine: Breast Cancer Services Thrive — As Do the Grad Student Researchers at Wilmot

Jul. 19, 2023

In the latest edition of Dialogue (Vol 1, 2023), a soup-to-nuts story about Wilmot Cancer Institute’s breast cancer service line highlights breakthrough research and the latest in treatments and services for patients.

This cover story includes information on:  cooling caps to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy, lifestyle tips, clinical trials, new technology, and innovative bench science that plunges into the root causes of breast cancer and how it spreads. The National Institutes of Health has endorsed Wilmot’s approach to research with millions in recent grants.

A team approach is the secret to making meaningful strides against cancer — whether it’s in the clinic, the laboratory, or understanding the community’s needs.

Wilmot’s collaboration with a community group, for example, reshaped the way scientists will conduct yoga studies for survivors. The team is adding appropriate cultural references to a standard yoga program to help survivors in Rochester’s Black community.  

Zachary Sechrist cropped
Zachary Sechrist

Another story features graduate students with a special interest in cancer. It’s a shining example of team science, hard work, and enthusiasm.

One of those students, Zachary Sechrist, whose mother confronted breast cancer when he was 12 years old, nicely summed up the team approach at Wilmot: “Being in this environment, where we’re all working on a big problem — it’s cool,” he said. “No one’s role is small.”