Foot & Ankle

About Foot & Ankle Orthopaedic Care

Nothing slows down your lifestyle like an injury, arthritis, or other condition of the foot and ankle. When every step causes pain, you are less likely to want to exercise, leave the house, or even handle everyday chores.

Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Care

The Foot and Ankle team brings together more medical specialists than any other medical center in the nine-county area. Here our fellowship trained doctors and therapists work as a team, diagnosing the cause of your pain and determining the best solution.

Even better, all of the diagnostic tools and therapy you may need are in one location at Clinton Crossings in Brighton. There's no need to travel from one doctor's office to another for fittings of orthotics, bracewear or shoes. We even perform many procedures here, making this your one-stop solution for most foot and ankle issues.

Medicine of the Highest Order

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