Motion Labs

Physical Performance Track

Top-tier athletes consistently push their limits while ensuring they perform efficiently and safely. At UR Medicine Motion Labs, our Physical Performance team specializes in sports performance motion analysis. Whether you're an athlete aiming to recover from an injury, striving to lower your injury risk, or looking to elevate your game, we employ the same biomechanical principles and state-of-the-art tools to serve athletes at every skill level.

Our Focus Areas Include:

  • Recovery from sports-related injuries
  • Specialized analysis for running, lower extremity activities, throwing, ACL concerns, and concussion evaluations
  • Performance optimization for elite athletes

Our motion analysis goes beyond surface-level observation. By harnessing advanced 2D video techniques, 3D motion capture, force plates, and surface EMG sensors, we get a comprehensive view of athletes' sport-specific movements. We delve deep, analyzing the kinematic, kinetic, and electromyographical aspects of performance.

From Injury Recovery to Peak Performance Our tools enable us to visualize issues under the skin, allowing for the identification and rectification of potential problems before they escalate into injuries. If you've sustained an injury, think of us as your bridge—from healing through physical therapy to your triumphant return to the field. Moreover, doctors frequently direct their patients to our lab to gauge their readiness for re-entry into sports.

Post-analysis Follow-up Once our in-depth analysis concludes, our team crafts strategies to mitigate the risk of future sports-related injuries and bolster efficiency in sports movements. Every athlete is unique, and our data-driven insights are tailored to individual athletes, guiding them toward their performance goals.

Appointment Preparation

What to Expect During Your Visit

  • An initial physical therapy assessment to evaluate your strength and range of motion.
  • A few moments to change into Spandex shorts, a shirt, and a headband, all of which we provide in various sizes. These garments come equipped with reflective markers strategically placed on the head, torso, arms, and legs.
  • A warm-up session, involving either jogging or walking, based on preference and comfort.
  • A recorded testing phase where you'll be guided through a series of escalating, sport-centric movements.

Before Your Session

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to facilitate a seamless check-in process.
  • Please bring along your insurance details and a valid form of identification.
  • Ensure you wear or bring clean, snug-fitting athletic shoes for the evaluation.
  • In case you're accompanied by more than three individuals, give us a call beforehand so we can ensure comfortable seating for everyone.
  • We encourage you to jot down any questions or topics you'd like to discuss during the appointment; this ensures we address all your concerns.
  • Come ready for a workout! That said, we're dedicated to customizing each session in line with individual capabilities, prioritizing both performance and safety.

Medicine of the Highest Order

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