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UR Medicine Active Spine Program

Whether you have a recent injury, you're recovering from surgery, or you have chronic pain from arthritis or another condition, you know how spine issues can limit your activities and rob you of your independence.

UR Medicine's Active Spine Program can help you regain your ability to move safely with less pain. Our therapists are dedicated specialists who work closely with your spine physicians as part of your medical team. You, your doctor, and your therapists will work together to develop a care plan that complements your doctor's recommended treatment.

Located at Clinton Crossings, the Active Spine Program offers a comprehensive rehabilitation program with direct access to our physicians. If a question arises during your therapy, your therapist can get answers quickly and continue your care, keeping your program on track and moving toward recovery.

What to Expect

Your care planning process begins with a detailed history and review of your musculoskeletal system, as well as other parts of your body that may be related to your injury or condition. Your medical team will pay careful attention to your current activity level, and your social habits like smoking, use of alcohol, and diet. We always consider your pain level during the examination, modifying the exam to ensure that you are comfortable.

Next, your therapist will check your range of motion, strength and flexibility. We will ask you to move into different positions to determine which ones aggravate your pain. This movement test will help us assess your general level of conditioning as well, providing a baseline that we will use to begin your therapy.

We also may take measurements of your aerobic capacity and body composition. These tests are painless and easy to administer, and they give the therapist some objective data to track your progress.

Your Care Plan

Using all of the information we gathered during the testing process, your therapists will set up a personalized program for you, based on your current ability and the goals we will set together.

We will use a progressive exercise program, increasing the level of exercise as you gain strength and reduce pain. You will learn safe ways to strengthen the muscles around your spine, improve your aerobic capacity for long-term weight management and cardiovascular health, and proper body mechanics and ergonomics to help you avoid stressing your spine during everyday activities.

On average, we see patients for 5 or 6 visits. During each visit, we teach you the tools you need to reduce pain and increase your mobility on your own, either at home or at your gym or health club. We pay close attention to proper form in executing each exercise, to be sure that you achieve the results you seek. Once you can maintain your exercise routine independently, you will continue to see positive results.

Group Class

If you prefer the additional motivation and supervision of ongoing, regular visits, we can offer you the opportunity to join our group exercise class. In the class you will learn a series of routines designed to motivate you and help you maintain continuous progress.

An experienced physical therapist or athletic trainer teaches the class, and the exercise routines are designed for patients with a history of spine pathology. The classes are fun, energetic, and focused on maintaining the principles learned in physical therapy, as well as on general health and weight loss.

The Level 1 class is for novice exercisers who are looking to maintain their spine and general health. For more athletic patients or for those who want more physical challenge, the Level 2 class focuses on sport/athletic performance.
Classes meet Monday through Thursday in our Brighton office.

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