Sports Medicine

Diagnosis, Conditions & Treatments

At UR Medicine Sports Medicine, we work closely with you to decide which treatment options are right for you.

We use advanced diagnostic procedures to be sure that we know the full extent of your injury. With this information, we can decide which treatment approach will have the best outcome for you. 

  • Conservative treatments: Rest, medication, and physical therapy are often the most effective ways to treat an injury. 
  • Injection therapy: Some injuries respond well to medication applied directly at the point of injury. Our doctors use ultrasound to guide them to exactly the right spot. 
  • Minimally invasive surgery: Using a tiny camera and light slipped through a small incision, our surgeons can see inside your injured joint. They watch their own progress on a big screen while they repair torn tendons and ligaments, reshape bones, remove bone spurs or remove fragments of cartilage
  • Complex surgery: When a major injury requires it, our surgeons use the most advanced techniques to repair and rebuild bones and joints, or to replace joints when this is the best option.

Medicine of the Highest Order

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