Sports Medicine


About Sports Medicine

UR Medicine Sports Medicine offers the latest in medical and surgical care to prevent, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate injuries for both recreational and competitive athletes of all ages. Our team also helps people with active jobs who sometimes suffer the same injuries and need the same care.

Once the injury begins to heal, our physicians' assistants, physical therapists, and athletic trainers become your recovery team, guiding you to wellness through therapy and daily activities.

Our Sports and Spine Rehabilitation Centers provide the functional training space; equipment and supervision you need to get your strength and agility back and return to your normal activities.

You can contact our doctors at any hour or any day to consult on urgent care and treatment.

UR Medicine Sports Medicine is more than a place for those who have been injured. We can work with you to help you prevent injuries as well. Our Athletic Performance & Injury Prevention Programs help you improve your athletic ability while teaching you how to avoid the most common injuries.

Our goal is the same as yours: to get you back on your feet and back to what you love doing. No medical center in our area is better equipped to make that happen than UR Medicine Sports Medicine.

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