This is Fitness Science, a research-based program from UR Medicine.

Helping people optimize their performance through an integrative approach that includes four crucial pillars: Strength Training, Nutrition, Sport Psychology and Data Analysis. Developed by doctors and experts who've treated and trained every level of athlete, we prepare you to command your game - on the field and off.
A program of Orthopaedics & Physical Performance.

Male Athelete Strength

Bring it harder with a data-driven, custom-
made game plan.

We start with a performance assessment to gather data and measure your strengths, weaknesses and your goals. We then match you with a performance expert to plan a program that's right for you. As your training continues, you'll keep tracking progress, setting personal goals, and analyzing results.

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, Move
, and Launch


Performance Conditioning

Fitness Science is more than how much weight you bench, or how fast you run. It's the science of perfecting your form and increasing your power.

Start with the basics

  • Work on movements to perfect your form
  • Develop foundational movements and advanced techniques
  • Learn mobility and stability exercises to prevent injuries

Add in performance training

  • Build muscle through resistance training
  • Reach your maximum strength potential
  • Maintain power and stamina

Then hit the high-intensity, fast-paced conditioning

  • Increase reactive speed and agility
  • Develop explosive power
  • Learn control and resiliency

The plyometric and explosive elastic movements we teach could be the most beneficial training for performance and injury prevention.

Cameron Apt Chief of Operations, Fitness Science

, Bounce
, and Crush


Mindset Coaching

You put in countless hours getting your body ready to compete. But mindset skills are just as important, for staying focused, getting motivated, and handling the stresses of sports, school and everyday life.

Mindset Training

  • Learn the link between mindset and performance
  • Set purposeful goals for motivation
  • Use relaxation techniques to get focused

Manage stress and pressure

  • Improve face-to-face communication skills
  • Explore positive self-talk and coaching
  • Learn mindset strategies for injury recovery

Through mental skills training, athletes learn to respond consciously to the pressures of sport and to the challenges of academics, peer relationships and everyday life.

Craig Cypher, Psy.D., CMPC Sport Psychologist

, Get
, and Stay


Sports Nutrition

As an athlete you endure serious workouts, demanding practices and intense competition. Bringing your A-game-and maintaining your energy through it all-requires the right nutrition and hydration.

Fueling to practice, play, win and recover

  • Learn how nutrients affect your energy levels
  • Plan your daily meals
  • Set strategies for pre/post game fueling and hydration
  • Nutritional analysis and planning for people from all walks of life

Nutrition to build muscle

  • Develop plans for building muscle and improving body composition
  • Get practical guidelines for carbohydrates, fats, protein and supplements

When properly fueled, athletes will reach their winning potential without losing energy.

Yimy Queipo Rodriguez Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

UR Medicine Team

Dr. Michael Maloney

Program Founder,
Chief of Sports Medicine

Cameron Apt

Chief of Operations, Fitness Science

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Performance Conditioning

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Sport Psychology

Craig Cypher, Psy.D., CMPC