Orthopaedic Tumor

About Orthopaedic Tumor Care

When you receive a diagnosis of bone or soft tissue cancer, you want answers—and quickly. Bone cancer can change your life, affecting the strength and stability of your bones, as well as the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage that help you move. You need information and a path forward, and you want to find the most experienced and knowledgeable medical team in the area to guide you through the process of treating your cancer.

UR Medicine's Orthopaedic Oncology Division is the only center in the nine-county region with fellowship-trained orthopaedic oncologists, cancer doctors and surgeons who specialize in this unusual form of the disease. Because bone cancer is rare, many skilled oncologists will never see a case in their entire career. You need specialists who have experience with these cancers and who have achieved success with many patients.

Our surgeons offer the latest procedures and protocols to help you keep the affected limb, and they work closely with the highly trained and experienced teams at the James P. Wilmot Cancer Institute to provide radiation and medical (chemotherapy) solutions. You can be sure that you will receive all the care you need.

Most important, our staff members are committed to a compassionate approach to care. Our concern for you goes beyond your physical health— we know that your social and psychological needs are every bit as important to your health and recovery. You can be certain that your experience will be focused on you, your cancer, and the best possible outcome.

Medicine of the Highest Order

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