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A more effective approach to tattoo removal.

Most tattoo removal services are only partly effective. After several treatments, you may still be left with clear traces of your tattoo.

That is why UR Medicine offers a different approach: the area's first Picosecond Aesthetic Laser.

The most advanced tattoo removal technology.

The Picosecond Aesthetic Laser provides bursts of energy one trillion times per second, shattering ink into tiny particles that are easier for your body to eliminate. As a result, your tattoo is removed more completely—and in fewer treatments.

  • More complete removal of tattoos—even dark green and blue inks.
  • Requires fewer treatments than most other methods.
  • Effective on tattoos you have tried to remove before.
  • Treatments are provided by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Your tattoo removal will be performed by Dr. Howard Langstein, Chief of Plastic Surgery at UR Medicine. Dr. Langstein has over 25 years of experience as a plastic surgeon.

If you have questions about tattoo removal or would like to schedule a consultation, please call us at 585-275-1000.

View the Laser Tattoo Removal Pre and Post Care Instructions.