Breast reconstruction surgery can make a big difference to help you feel like yourself again. UR Medicine Plastic Surgery becomes your partner in assisting you to take this step safely, with a solution that will be best for you and your body based on your medical and treatment history.

When a mastectomy is required for your continued health, our highly specialized breast reconstruction team will meet with you well before your surgery to discuss your options. Our patients are treated in a multidisciplinary approach by our team of experts to create an individualized treatment plan that's best for you.

Procedures to Reconstruct the Breast

In some cases, we can proceed with breast reconstruction at the same time as your cancer surgery. In others, we will need to wait until you have healed to perform breast reconstruction surgery.

Some procedures use implants, a silicone shell filled with either a saline (salt water) solution or a silicone gel. Others use a flap of tissue from another part of the body, such as the abdomen or the back. This flap may be used alone or with an implant.

No procedure is necessarily better than another, but some procedures may not be medically appropriate for every kind of mastectomy. In your meeting with your cancer surgeon and breast reconstruction surgeon, we will review the methods that are right for the kind of mastectomy you will receive.