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The physicians in the Allergy, Immunology and Rheumatology Division place a high priority on patient education. In addition to the patient education and counseling that occurs in the office during patient visits, the following links have been provided for patient and family use. The information comes from a variety of sources. One is the University's Encyclopedia of Heath, another is the American College fo Rheumatology or ACR. These two sites have not been written by an AIR physician and treatment decisions vary from patient to patient. Information and treatment recommendations made in these sites, may not pertain to you. Always consult your physician for the treatment plan that is appropriate for you. We also offer a patient wellness series once a month except during the summer. It is generally the first Monday of the month, unless it conflicts with a major holiday, at 6 pm in the clinic. Topics vary from yoga to acupuncture to massage therapy to much more. Lastly, the content from previous Lupus Patient Education Days held here at the University is attached.

Information on Allergic and Rheumatologic Conditions and Diseases

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Patient Wellness Series

Date TBA        5:30 to 6:30 pm       Rheumatology Clinic at 400 Red Creek Blvd.

"Nutrition for Patients with Arthritis and Autoimmune Diseases "

Lupus Patient Education Days

Lupus Patient Education Day 2013
Lupus Update

Lupus Patient Education Day 2012
Course materials and handouts:
Cutaneous versus Systemic Lupus
Learning to Live With Lupus
Lupus Update

Lupus Patient Education Day 2011
Course materials and handouts:
Lupus Update
Battling the B Cell
Pediatric Lupus

Lupus Patient Education Day 2010
Course mateirials and handouts:
Lupus Research Update
Fatigue and Lupus
Energy Conservation
Patient Centered Care

Lupus Patient Education Day 2009
Course mateirials and handouts: