Pediatric Behavioral Health Services

Pediatric Consultations

The Pediatric Behavioral Health Service offers consultation, evaluation, and short-term treatment to patients and their families on the medical inpatient floors and in the ambulatory primary care and subspecialty clinics. The team is comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, and a nurse practitioner and collaborates closely with the child’s medical team. Common referral issues include:

  • Adjustment and adaptation to medical illness
  • Family distress related to a child's illness
  • Difficulty following treatment plan
  • Preparation for procedures
  • Behavioral treatment to assist with medical problems (such as diabetes and recurrent abdominal pain)
  • Hospitalization due to a mental health concern (such as an eating disorder or suicidal behavior)
  • Parenting and family communication issues and emotional and behavioral difficulties (such as depression and anxiety)

The team can also assist families in accessing mental health services in their community. Please speak with your medical provider if you would like more information or would like to meet with a member of this service.

To Make an Appointment

For appointments and referrals, contact your pediatric specialty provider, primary care provider, or a pediatric social worker.