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Your child's pediatrician does more than tend to your child's illnesses; he or she will also monitor the overall health and well-being of your child and can be your guide through your child's growth and development. For these reasons, it is important to find a pediatrician whom you trust, and with whom you and your child feel comfortable. At Golisano Children's Hospital Pediatric Practice, you will find a team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and nurses who are interested in your child and who value a close relationship between your family and our practice.



Nurse Practitioners

  • Cindy Annechino, P.N.P.-B.C.

  • Rebecca Bielawski, C.-P.N.P.
  • Tricia Colucci, P.N.P.-B.C.
  • Pam Herendeen, D.N.P., P.N.P.-B.C.
  • Kathy Peterson, Ph.D., R.N., P.N.P.-B.C.
  • Melinda Sciera, R.N., P.N.P.-B.C.
  • Jane Tuttle, Ph.D., F.N.P.-B.C., F.A.A.N.P.
  • Stephanie Zielinski, R.N., B.S., M.S., C.P.N.P.

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