Giving to Golisano Children's Hospital

A Next Generation Hospital Dedicated to Children

  • View as you enter the hospital from the ground floor.

  • View of the new lobby designed to be a warm, child, teen and family friendly place.

  • View of lobby interior designed with fun play pods, mini children's theatre and other interactive adventures.

  • Colorful landscape icons have been designed, representing each floor, to help families find their way.

  • A secure waiting area will greet families as they arrive on each floor.

  • Each patient hallway will incorporate the floor's theme in fun ways.

  • These single rooms will provide families with much-needed privacy and space for personal items.

  • The head of each patient bed is designed to make the patient space pediatric-friendly.

  • The NICU will have private rooms with space for parents to stay overnight.

  • Nurses' workstations have a direct view of their tiny patients even when they are not in the room.

In the late summer of 2015 UR Medicine will open a brand new $145-million Golisano Children's Hospital that will be a place of healing, and a place that celebrates the progress of our patients, families, faculty and staff.

The new hospital, currently under construction on Crittenden Boulevard and attached to the Medical Center and Strong Memorial Hospital, is eight floors and approximately 245,000 square feet of space dedicated to children and their families. It will provide our region’s children and their families with private rooms and a greatly expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, enhancing infection control efforts while also giving families much-needed privacy.

The building was designed by Ballinger Architects, a Philadelphia-based firm that specializes in health care facilities. Construction manager LeChase Construction, LLC, is overseeing the project.

When the new hospital opens, it will house 52 general care rooms and a greatly expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), made up of at least 60 beds. Two floors of the building will be dedicated to medical and surgical care and the ground floor will be devoted to Pediatric Imaging Services, with a new PET/MRI suite. (During the second phase of the project to be completed in 2016, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Cardiac Care Center and Pediatric Operating Suite will move into the new building.)

While the new building will be a place of healing, some of the most exciting aspects are the many spaces planned for gathering, playing, and resting. The future interior of the hospital, including graphic elements, décor, art and architectural features, will showcase the many beautiful landscapes of upstate New York. Each floor will have a different theme, starting with lakes and waterways on the ground floor, moving up to meadows and parks and ending with cities on the eighth level. Floors will also be equipped with an icon so patients and visitors can remember which floor they’re on and the theme will also play a large role in each floor’s different interactive activities, from bubble tubes to projected floor games.

The new hospital will fully embrace the need for play and normalcy with a toddler playroom and a new two-story playdeck on the seventh and eighth floors, surrounded by captivating windows that will provide patients and families with a great view. Also on the eighth floor will be a school room and a teen room that will overlook the playdeck.

Not only will the new building give pediatric patients a chance to be kids, it will also allow parents to take some time to find respite. In addition to having a lounge on each general care floor, a new hospitality suite will provide parents with a comfortable place to shower, eat a home-cooked meal or even run a load of laundry.

To make a gift in support of the building, please call Scott Rasmussen at (585) 273-5932.

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