Mildred Levine Pediatric Surgical Suite

Advance Planning

In the Pediatric Surgical Suite we work hard to create an environment and atmosphere that will provide comfort for any child who needs surgery. Our waiting room is "child friendly" and is designed to ease anxiety by offering activities to entertain children while they wait before surgery. We recognize that a child’s family is an integral part of his or her recovery. However, so that you may focus on your child, we ask that no siblings accompany you. Unfortunately, due to space limitations in our waiting room, we can only accommodate two adults for each patient.

We look forward to speaking with you on the day before your child’s procedure. Should you have questions before that time, please contact your surgeon’s office.

Day Before Surgery

When to Call

  • Please call (585) 276-3110 between the hours of 3:00 p.m. - 6:00p.m. for your arrival time and pre-operative instructions.
  • Please note that you should call the Friday before if your procedure is
    on a Monday.
  • Check with the nurse for special instructions for any medications your
    child takes.

Special Instructions

  • For our patients’ safety, your child may not eat or drink after midnight (including
    gum, candy and mints) on the night before surgery.
  • Feel free to bring your child’s favorite toy, blanket, or sippy cup. We suggest that
    you leave all valuables at home.
  • Be prepared that children over the age of 12 will generally have an IV placed
    pre-operatively. Talking to your child ahead of time will often help to alleviate
    anxiety about this procedure.
  • Interpreter services are provided if needed.

Day of Surgery

  • We are located inside Strong Hospital. Take the Green Elevators to the B-level.
    Follow the hallway with kites and clouds to the Pediatric Family Waiting Room.
  • Please check in with the waiting room secretary, who will alert a nurse that you
    have arrived.
  • Before your child’s surgery, we will take a set of vital signs (heart rate, blood
    pressure, temperature) and complete pre-operative paperwork
  • Your surgeon and the anesthesiologist will come in to meet with you and
    answer any questions you might have.
  • Once your child goes into the operating room, you are welcome to
    wait in the Family Waiting Room.
  • You will be given an estimate about how long your child’s procedure and
    recovery will take. If you have any questions while you are waiting, please feel free to ask the front desk.
  • When your child’s procedure is finished, your surgeon will speak
    with you in the waiting room.

After Surgery

  • Parents may sit with their child as they are waking up.
  • Before your child is sent home the nurse will review discharge instructions. Please ask if you have any questions.
  • For safety reasons, all children must be discharged home with a parent or legal guardian.

Once You're Home

It is very important to follow all of the discharge instructions given to you by your surgeon or nurse. Should you have any questions or concerns, call your surgeon's office. You can also call the Pediatric Surgical Suite from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday at (585) 276-3110.

Directions to the Pediatric Surgical Suite

  • Take the green elevators to the basement level.
  • Follow the kites on the wall to the Pediatric Family Waiting room (Room B-2344).

For Support

Child Life specialists visit with each patient and are present to support the child and parents, providing helpful ways to cope with the medical experience.

For general questions about the Pediatric Surgical Suite, please call (585) 276-3110.

We stand by our commitment to providing Medicine of the Highest Order. If you have a concern about patient safety or quality of care, any customer of the University of Rochester Medical Center may contact The Joint Commission.

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