Interview Information

All interviews with the University of Rochester Internal Medicine Residency Programs are by invitation only. All scheduled interviews will be confirmed with applicants via email from the Program Administrator, Alice Gordon.

Candidates selected for interviews will have an opportunity to meet with faculty and residents while here. We provide one night's hotel accomodation and transportation between the hotel and the medical center. Specific information about the interview visit can be found in our sample interview itinerary.

Dinner with Residents

Our residents are our program's greatest strength. Although it is not absolutely required, all applicants are encouarged to attend a casual dinner with current residents the evening before to meet our residents and learn more about our program. The dinner is often cited by applicants as being the best and most informative part of their interivew experience, so please plan your travel accordingly to make this a part of your interview experience. The dinner typically starts at 6:30pm with transportation for those staying at the hotel leaving around 6:00pm. If you arrive later than 6:30pm and would still like to attend the dinner, please check at the front desk for directions or help with transportation. Spouses and significant others are welcome to attend dinner with the residents.

Pre-Interview Survey

After you have scheduled your interview you will be sent a pre-interview survey that will help us tailor your interview experience to you.