Why I Chose Rochester Internal Medicine

Applicants choose Rochester Internal Medicine for many reasons. We thought you might be interested in the thoughts of a number of our current residents:

"After I interviewed at Rochester, it was hands-down my first choice. It was clear from the start that from the program director, to the administrative staff and the residents, everyone was committed to making this program special. Not only was there a unifed comittment to practicing great medicine and ensuring resident education, but also to making residency an enjoyable and fun experience. Yes, I said fun. Choosing Rochester was the best decision I have made thus far in my young medical career." - Rich, Chief Resident

"Rochester has become a great place to call home. The internal medicine program
is strong both academically and clinically, but even more so, a great place to learnBecky L and practice medicine. From my fellow residents, to the outstanding fellows and faculty, the nature of the work asks the most of us, but in a friendly atmosphere. And we can still go salsa dancing, snowboarding, biking, or camping pretty easily on our days off!" - Becky, PGY3

"It was easy for me to decide to come to Rochester for my medicine residency. The residents were all so friendly and willing to help each other. The attendings were approachable and seemed eager to teach. I knew the learning environment would be superb. Also, I was very pleased to hear about the program's emphasis on the biopsychosocial tradition." - Renee, PGY2

"One of the reasons I fell in love with URMC was the supportive and cooperative liz lycettresident family. The relationship between residents, administration, clinicians, and support staff creates well balanced, successful doctors that are competitive when they leave the program to the next step. URMC gives the well rounded education to open all doors to whatever direction you plan to go." - Liz, PGY3

"Besides the fact that Rochester has an amazing hospital, great teachers, plenty of research opportunities, and excellent fellowship placement; the thing that separated Rochester from the rest of the programs was Dr. Bordley's commitment to his residents. While talking about the program he seemed very genuine and a great guy to work for. He really wants the residents to excel and reach their potential." - Dan, PGY2