Educational Activities/Teaching Conferences

Senior Resident Morning Report

Every morning, Monday through Friday, all second- and third-year residents on general medicine inpatient rotations meet for an hour to discuss two recently Morning Report admitted patients. Each case is presented by the admitting resident. As the case unfolds, other residents comment on differential diagnosis, work-up, and management strategy. Senior resident morning report is run by the inpatient Chief Resident. Also on hand are the program director or department chair, as well as other faculty members selected by the residents.

Intern Morning Report

Every Thursday morning, all first-year residents assigned to inpatient and ambulatory rotations meet for one hour to discuss one or two patients with the Ambulatory Chief Resident, the program director, and another key faculty member. Patients are presented by the intern who initially evaluated them and are either recently admitted or recently seen in an ambulatory setting. The format is otherwise similar to senior resident morning report.

Inpatient Attending Rounds - Strong Memorial Hospital

Attending rounds on all inpatient services at Strong Memorial Hospital are combined teaching and management rounds. On the general medicine teaching service, each resident team rounds daily with their hospitalist attending, seeing most patients at Attending Roundsthe bedside. History and physical findings are reviewed and a proposed management plan for each patient is presented by the residents for discussion with the attending. Teaching focuses on bedside skills and on basic science and clinical knowledge relevant to each patient's unique situation. Similar teaching/management rounds with appropriate subspecialty attending physicians are held daily on the inpatient hematology-oncology service and in the MICU and CCU.


Inpatient Teaching Rounds - Highland Hospital

Teaching rounds at Highland Hospital have gradually evolved from the traditional conference room discussions to a purely bedside experience. These rounds are conducted three to four days a week by attending physicians skilled in physical diagnosis and bedside teaching. Examples follow:

  • Stethoscope Rounds : Cardiologists follow resident teams and teach cardiac auscultation skills.
  • "Sherlock Holmes Rounds" : Conducted by Associate Program Director, Bilal Ahmed, emphasis is on observational skills in clinical medicine.
  • Bugs and Drugs Rounds: Infectious Disease attendings discuss challenging infectious disease cases.

Sign-Out Rounds

Every Monday through Friday at 4 PM residents on inpatient services gather to sign out their sicker patients to the evening team before going home. During these sign-out rounds, the inpatient Chief Resident makes a brief educational presentation on a topic related to a patient currently on service, often related to the discussion from morning report.

Noon Conferences

Noon conferences are held five days a week at both Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital. Each year, the series begins with coverage of common medical emergencies. For the remainder of the year, the conference series covers core Noon Conference topics in ambulatory and inpatient internal medicine. Also included are twice-monthly journal club, twice-monthly EKG conference, and monthly morbidity and mortality conference. On the first Friday of each month, noon conference is a program business meeting, so residents can discuss issues and concerns with the Chief Residents and Program Directors. Other Friday noon conferences (referred to as Fun Fridays) cover a wide range on entertaining non-medical topics.