doctorsOn behalf of the entire department, I am pleased to welcome you to our residency program website.  On this site, you will learn about our rotations and faculty, who cover the breadth of Otolaryngology.  The website will introduce you to Rochester, a wonderful small city that is both livable and vibrant.  Links are provided to explore the University of Rochester Medical Center, the leading provider of health care in Western New York, with the motto to provide “Medicine of the Highest Order,” Strong and Highland Hospitals, where we care for our patients, and that of the University of Rochester as a whole, a leading small liberal arts University whose main campus adjoins the Medical Center.  Our website details our robust departmental research programs and rotations, and other information that hopefully will entice you to look at us more closely.


What is harder to discern from these pages is the close relationships and camaraderie that characterize our program, borne of close daily interactions in the care of our mutual patients.  Our philosophy of education is simple; the best learning is done hands on with close supervision by excellent, engaged faculty preceptors.  Our goal is to produce thoughtful, skilled, well-trained Otolaryngologists who, whether entering academics or community settings, will practice “Otolaryngology of the Highest Order.”

The University of Rochester Department of Otolaryngology –Head and Neck Surgery is a full service training program that offers residents a hands-on, broad based experience in all aspects of our specialty.

The Otolaryngology Training Program at the University of Rochester School of Medicine offers two educational tracks:

1) Categorical Track

This is a 5-year training program in Otolaryngology. The first year consists of rotations in EM, anesthesia, neurosurgery, ICU along with rotations on various general surgery subspecialties. Each intern will also spend two months in otolaryngology head and neck. The final four years incorporates a progressive and intensive training in otolaryngology and it's core subspecialties. A dedicated 6 month research block is part of year 3.

2) Research Track

This is a 6-year training program in Otolaryngology. This consists of the same general surgery intern rotations and otolaryngology progressive training as the categorical track. It also includes a dedicated 18-month research portion (1/2 yr 3 and all of yr 4).

Training at the University of Rochester provides the surgical and patient care skills to successfully practice otolaryngology either as an academician with subspecialty interest or as a well-trained otolaryngologist capable of performing all aspects of the specialty.

We are extremely proud of our residency training program and encourage interest in this residency which offers a strong well rounded program in all aspects of Otolaryngology.

The information contained in our webpages has been assembled to offer you detailed information concerning the Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Residency at the University of Rochester School of Medicine.


Shawn D. Newlands , M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., F.A.C.S.
Professor and Chair, Department of Otolaryngology
University of Rochester Medical Center