Resident Life

Moonlighting Guidelines

Moonlighting is a common practice among residents and fellows, allowing them to earn extra money and gain additional experience. URMC is progressive in recognizing its benefits and in making provision for the practice. Of course, moonlighting is neither a requirement nor a right; it’s a privilege. However, we do accommodate and even encourage it.  As long as your moonlighting doesn’t interfere with our program policies or your training responsibilities, URMC is happy to support you.

URMC defines moonlighting as clinical activities outside the residency/fellowship training program, for which the trainee is paid over and above the approved program salary. Individual departments with residency/fellowship programs have their own policies on outside activities, including moonlighting, which might be more restrictive than URMC. You’ll want to check with your particular department for specifics.

Complete information on moonlighting—from policies and requirements to categories and application forms—can be found in the Resident/Fellow Policy Manual.