We offer a full range of progressive treatment options -- from education and conservative rehabilitation measures to minimally invasive procedures to the most complex of surgeries. Our philosophy is to carefully work through the pros and cons of alternative treatments with you. We’ll always recommend the least invasive procedure that can still deliver optimal mobility and pain relief over the long term.

Many of the tests we require during your treatment can be performed in our office

We occasionally request

Surgical Procedures

  • Our surgeons perform tumor removal and limb-sparing surgery using the most modern equipment, materials, and approach. Our goal is to safely treat cancer in the arm or leg without amputation.
  • We are skilled in a full range of reconstructive surgeries using either bone transplants or artificial implants. We use self-lengthening prostheses for growing children, lessening the need for repeated surgeries.
  • When absolutely necessary because of tumor location, stage, or type, amputations are performed.
  • In curettage, our surgeons remove tumors without taking the surrounding bone. The tumor cavity is then treated to kill any remaining cancerous cells and filled to prevent future bone fractures.

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Radiation Oncology

  • External-Beam Radiation Therapy: An external device generates high-energy rays that focuses on the targeted area.
  • Internal Beam Radiation Therapy or Brachytherapy: Radioactive pellets (needles, seed, wires or catheters) are implanted into the affected area.
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT): This is used to treat spinal tumors without damaging the spinal cord, for recurrent tumors or to deliver very high doses of radiation to a tumor while minimizing exposure to surrounding tissues.

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Bone cancer patients may receive chemotherapy either alone or in combination with other treatments.

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Biological Therapy

Biological therapy helps your immune system fight cancer.

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