Shoulder Fractures

What are Fractures About the Shoulder?

A shoulder fracture typically refers to a total or partial break to either the clavicle (collar bone) or the neck of the humerus (arm bone) just below the ball. Fractures often occur along with dislocations, but they can occur alone.

What Causes Fractures About The Shoulder?

These fractures frequently result from an impact injury, such as blow to the shoulder or a fall on an outstretched arm.

What are the Symptoms of Fractures About the Shoulder?

A shoulder fracture causes moderated to severe pain and frequently, the inability to raise the effected arm. Redness and bruising around the area may develop within a short time. In severe fractures, the bones of the shoulder may appear out of position.

How are Fractures About the Shoulder Diagnosis?

Traditional X-rays can confirm both diagnosis and severity of shoulder fractures.

How are Fractures About the Shoulder Treated?

First, your doctor will realign the bones so they can heal in the correct position. Healing occurs while the bones are held in place with a strap or sling. Medication may be prescribed for pain. Once the bones have repaired the fracture, physical therapy will begin to rehabilitate the shoulder. Most shoulder fractures heal in about three months. However, severe fractures may require surgery.