Injury Prevention Programs

Our injury prevention programs are designed to help people of all ages develop safer sports practices whether they participate in organized sports, recreational sports or simply want to exercise for a healthier lifestyle.

Many injuries, particularly those that are non-contact injuries, are completely preventable. Most are due to inadequate physical conditioning, poor technique, over-training or over-playing in a single sport.

Athlete-Specific Programs

We work one-on-one with individuals to assess their risk factors taking into account their current level of physical fitness (endurance, strength, flexibility), past injuries, their age and gender. Then we customize a prevention program unique to each person’s physiology, needs and goals. Programs include sports-specific injury prevention training along with a core stability program.

Knee Injury Prevention Programs

Studies show that female athletes are two to eight times more likely to sustain an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury than male athletes. Our Prevent Injury, Enhance Performance (PEP) program aims to decrease the incidence of lower extremity injuries in female athletes by offering ways to increase strength, flexibility and agility, as well as awareness of proper body mechanics and technique with athletic tasks. Learn more.

URMC Sports Concussion Program

Providing evaluation and treatment for sports-related head injuries.

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