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You can have all of the rehabilitation and physical therapy services you need at our Sports and Spine Rehabilitation Centers. Here at our Sports and Spine Rehabilitation Center, our staff of physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning specialists can help you regain your strength and return to your sport.

Our staff of physical therapists, certified athletic trainers are trained in working with athletes on strength and conditioning, so they know what kinds of therapy will be right for your case and your goals. Whether you are recovering from an injury, arthroscopic surgery, or a complex surgical procedure, they are ready to work closely with you to create a "return-to-play" plan.

Our full-service facilities in Brighton, Greece, Penfield and Brockport feature all the tools you need for full rehabilitation and training:

  • Functional training space
  • Weight machines
  • Free weights
  • A dedicated area to work on golf, baseball, tennis and basketball (Brighton only)
  • Aquatic therapy (Penfield only)

Your Post-surgery Hospital Stay

If you need to stay in the hospital after surgery, a physical therapist will help you do bedside rehabilitation activities. He or she will help with your overall plan for discharge, including a referral for outpatient physical therapy.

Your Sports and Spine Rehabilitation Assessment

During your first visit to the Sports and Spine Rehabilitation Center, you'll have a full physical exam to evaluate your strength, function, range of motion and level of pain.

With the results of this exam in hand, your therapist will work with you to create an individualized "return-to-play" plan. Your plan will include the kinds of movements you make routinely in your sport, to help minimize your risk for re-injury. We track your progress and provide useful feedback, so you always know exactly where you are in your recovery, and what kind of effort will be required to keep you on track.  

Your At-Home Plan

Your rehabilitation only begins with your sessions at the Center. We teach our patients how to enhance their rehabilitation at home or school, keeping your visits to a minimum while keeping you moving toward a safe and quick return to activity. Your therapist will recommend exercises to try and assistive devices that will help you, as well as activities to avoid. The more closely you follow your therapist's direction, the sooner you will return to the field.

Active Spine Program

Through a progressive exercise program we will teach you safe ways to strengthen the muscles around your spine, improve your aerobic capacity for long term weight management and cardiovascular health, and discuss proper body mechanics and ergonomics so you are not stressing your spine during your everyday posturing and positioning. Learn more about the Active Spine Program.

Aquatic Therapy Program

For generations, aquatic therapy has been know to improve movement, strength and function, as well as reduce pain. It offers an alternative form of rehabilitation that can be used in conjunction with, or prior to, more traditional land-based outpatient therapies. Learn more about the aquatic therapy.

When You're Back in the Game

When you finish your formal rehab, you may choose to continue with a supervised training program. If you want to get stronger faster, our Athletic Performance Programs can help. 

Performance Psychology

Performance Psychology will provide you with mindset strategies to overcome obstacles, recover from injuries, cope with external and internal pressures and achieve your full potential. In our program, you’ll work with a Sport & Performance Psychologist to learn new ways to improve your focus, confidence and communication with your own customized action plan. Our program is designed to help athletes of all ages and levels, elite performers such as dancers and musicians, and professionals such as coaches or leaders. 

Rehabilitation Instructions

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To schedule an appointment please call:

Clinton Crossings (Brighton) (585) 341-9200
Strong West (Brockport) (585) 341-9200
South Pointe Landing (Greece) (585) 341-9200
Platinum Office Complex (Penfield) (585) 341-9200

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