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Järvinen-Seppo Laboratory

The Center for Food Allergy conducts research through the Järvinen-Seppo Laboratory, which studies the immunologic factors present in human milk and how those factors may modify developing immune systems for infants and their oral tolerance to foods. For more information on our research program and our team members, please visit the Järvinen-Seppo Lab site.

Current Studies

Our birth cohort study, “Development of Mucosal and Systemic Immunity and Risk of Food Allergy,”  is assessing development of infant immune system and microbiome in infants at high-risk and at low-risk for food allergies. For this purpose we are recruiting infants born into families with a history of allergic diseases and into the Old Order Mennonite community and their mothers for a follow-up of two years.

For interested volunteers please call Kaili Widrick, M.S. at (585) 275-8991.

Recent Publications