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  • Checking your temperature

    Checking your "vitals"

    A healthcare provider will take your temperature.

  • Getting an IV

    Having a procedure at the hospital

    A child life specialist can support you through your procedure.

  • Getting an MRI

    Having a PET/MRI Scan

    Our PET/MRI scanner looks like a pirate ship!

Tests & Procedures - What to Expect

Social Stories & Visual Supports for Healthcare Experiences

Children often have limited knowledge about what happens when they come to the hospital or clinic for a medical visit. Since every child's visit will be unique, we use visual supports to explain specific scenarios your child may experience. These social stories, online tours, and visual supports use simple language and pictures to show what happens on medical visits. The supports can be used before and during a visit to help everyone feel less anxious and more secure.
illustration of blood pressure cuff

Questions About Your Visit?

  • For questions about your child's test please call your child's care provider.
  • Support for children with special needs is available through the Wegmans Child Life Program at (585) 275-9878.