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Wish List

Boy drawing with art supplies

Sandy with candy caneOur Greatest Need

Your tax deductible financial gift will help us fill our biggest needs while supporting our families and program needs. If your company or organization would like to consider a group donation or if you have questions about financial gifts, please contact Golisano Children's Hospital Advancement at (585) 273-5948.

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Child Life Wish List

To donate items to children who are in the hospital, please choose from our list of items needed. Read our guidelines and learn how to deliver your donations.

Wish List »

 Children's Health Home

The Golisano Children’s Health Home Program connects families to community resources and strengthens their ability to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Support Families »

Pediatric Mental Health Wish List

Your generous gift of some basic items can bring a great deal of comfort to our children and teens in need of acute psychiatric care throughout their hospital stay.

Mental Health Wish List »

Child Life Wish List

Options for Ordering Items from Child Life Wish List

Mailing Donations

  • For group donations, please call us to arrange a delivery time.
  • Individual donations can be mailed to: Child Life 619-11, Golisano Children's Hospital, 4 Marway Circle, Rochester, NY 14642

Special Requests

If you would like to speak someone about a donation please call (585) 275-9878 or email

Getting Items to Golisano Children's Hospital

We encourage all individual donations to be dropped off or mailed to:

Child Life 619-11
Golisano Children's Hospital
4 Marway Circle
Rochester, NY 14642

Drop Off : Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. only
Main Desk in Children's Hospital Lobby
150 Crittenden Blvd. - Upper Circle
Rochester NY 14620

For group donations, please call us at (585) 275-9878 to arrange a delivery time.

Important Guidelines

  • All items need to be new and in their original package. We can not accept home-made items, including cards and other decorations.

    (Please visit for options to donate used or handmade items.)
  • Our patients range from a few days to nineteen years old.
  • Please consider the cultural diversity of our children when making gift selections.
  • No religious toys or toys that depict violence such as guns or knives.
  • Please keep safety and quality in mind when selecting items. No toys with removable/detachable parts such as eyes, no protruding parts or sharp edges, no toys with marbles or magnets.
  • Fire regulations forbid electrical, spark-producing, or friction-producing toys.
  • Read the toy or craft item label to be sure all materials are non-toxic and non-latex.
  • While all gifts must be unwrapped, we always welcome donations of gift wrap and packaging such as bags and tissue paper.