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Having an X-ray

  • Welcome

    Welcome to Imaging at the Golisano Children’s Hospital. We are going to show you what happens when children like you have an X-ray.

    You can talk to anyone on the healthcare team if you have questions about your X-ray.

  • What is an X-ray?

    An X-ray is a picture of the inside of your body. We have a special camera called an X-ray machine that makes these pictures. Having an X-ray is like having your picture taken because you can't feel it.

  • First Things First

    When you arrive in the lobby our receptionist will check you in and let your nurse know that you are here for your X-ray.

  • X-ray room

    When it is time for you to have your X-ray, you will be brought to the X-ray room.

    The X-ray machine has a camera and a table that is also like a bed. The X-ray camera can move up and down and side to side. The table can also move up and down and side to side to put you in just the right spot.

  • Radiology Technologist

    A Radiology Technologist will meet you in the X-ray room. The technologist may ask you to sit, stand, or lie down for your pictures. Usually, they will take more than one picture.

  • Getting Ready

    After you are positioned just right, the technologist will put an apron over the part of your body that does not need to be in the X-ray. The apron feels a little heavy. Other people who stay in the X-ray room with you need to wear an apron too!

  • Taking the Picture

    Now you are ready for your X-ray. It is important to stay as still as a statue so the pictures turn out clearly. The technologist will move the X-ray machine into place. You will hear a clicking noise as the machine takes the pictures.

  • Good Job!

    You did it! You were very still and the pictures turned out great.

    What happens next?

  • Reading the X-rays

    Now a doctor called a radiologist will look at the pictures. Radiologists are experts at reading X-rays. The radiologist will send the X-ray information to your doctor so your doctor can decide how to help you feel better.