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Visiting Pediatric Orthopaedics

  • Welcome to Pediatric Orthopaedics!

    We are going to show you what happens when you visit the Pediatric Orthopaedic office. You can talk to anyone on the healthcare team if you have questions about your visit. This is the waiting room (we have toys and books!).

  • Check In

    When you come to the office, you and your family will tell the receptionist you are here for your visit. This is called "Checking In."

  • When your name is called, you will walk down the colorful hall to the exam room.

  • Your Visit

    We need to measure a lot of things at your visit. We will take your temperature.

  • We will check your blood pressure. We wrap your arm with a special sleeve and pump air into it. It feels like someone is giving your arm a squeeze.

  • We will measure how tall you are. The bar will move down until it touches the top of your head. The doctor wants to know how much you weigh so you will step onto a scale.

  • The doctor wants to know if you are hurting anywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to describe, so you can point to a face on the chart that shows how you feel.

  • Let's see how you run!

    The doctor may ask you to run down the hall.

  • They may ask you to run down the hall...again! They want to see how well your bones and muscles are working.

  • Exam Room

    This is where the doctor will ask you how you are feeling. In the exam room there is a special bed, a computer, a sink and some chairs for you and your family to sit on.

  • They may ask you to get onto the bed. Quick! Quick! Hop up onto the bed!

  • Having an X-ray

    Have you ever heard of an X-ray machine? It takes a picture of the bones inside of your body.

  • The Radiology Technologist will help you get into position for your X-ray. They have special training to make X-ray pictures. You need to hold very still when the X-ray pictures are taken. Can you stay still like a statue?

  • We can look at the X-ray pictures on the computer and see your bones! These children are looking at an X-ray of an arm.

  • This big X-ray machine is called the EOS. It takes great pictures of your spine or legs while you are standing up!

  • You can step into it and smile for the camera!

  • Getting a Cast

    If you need to get a cast you can choose which color you like!

  • First the technician wraps the soft padding around the area.

  • Then it's time to put on the colorful cast to protect your bones.

  • The cast is all done!

  • Time for the cast to be removed!

    A special saw will cut through the cast but it can't cut you! It sounds like a very noisy vacuum cleaner.

  • The saw might sound loud to you, so you can wear special ear protectors to make the sound softer.

  • We hope you enjoyed your visit to Pediatric Orthopaedics!

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