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Tour Our Pediatric Sleep Center

Meet Our Staff

Your sleep technician will show you the special equipment that will be used during your sleep study.On your first visit to our office you will meet our friendly staff. While you are at our office your doctor or nurse practitioner will decide if you need a sleep study. Mom or dad will schedule that with the office staff before you leave.

They will see how tall you are and how much you weigh. They will want to talk to you about how you sleep each night. They might want to look at your throat or nose.

Sleeping Overnight

Your mom or dad will stay with you during your sleep study.When you come in for your sleep study you will meet your sleep technician. They will show you all the special equipment used to monitor your sleep.

You have lots of toys, books, games and a TV in your room to keep you occupied.

Your Brain During Sleep

Your sleep technician will measure your head and draw some 'x's with a washable marker so they know where to put small sensors. These sensors are called electrodes and they help the technician know if you are moving a lot or dreaming. They will use paste to attach the sensors. Your mom or dad will be right with you while you get ready to fall asleep and will sleep close to you all night long.

Stickers on your legs will tell us how your body moves when you are sleeping. They're like the stickers you get in school.

While You Sleep

Your mom or dad will sleep with you during your sleep study.We use a special sensor under your nose to measure the air you breathe out. The sensors look funny. We also have pajama elastic around your chest and tummy to measure your breathing. These are stretchy so they are comfy while you sleep. A special red light on your finger will measure your oxygen levels all night while you sleep.

Mom or dad gets to sleep in your room for the night in a bed right close by. While you are sleeping your tech will keep a close eye on how your body moves and your breathing. They are able to watch you through a video camera. Your tech might need to come in and check you or fix the tape while you are sleeping.

Good Night! Sleep Tight!

Now it is time to get comfortable. You will have a fluffy pillow and lots of blankets to keep you warm and television to watch. You can even bring a dvd from home and watch your favorite movie. When your tech is done putting everything together for your sleep study they will turn the lights off. It is now time to go to sleep.

Getting tucked in and ready for your sleep study.Good Morning!

When you wake up it will be time to go home. Your tech will help you get all the monitoring equipment off. Then you can change your clothes and head home. You may need a shower to wash off the paste when you get home.

Leave Us Your Hand Print

Leaving your hand pirnt on our walls.Before you go home you can leave us a hand print to decorate our walls.

After you spend the night with us, we will want you or your family to come back to see your doctor or nurse practitioner to get the results from your sleep study. They will talk about what happened while you were asleep. You can ask the doctor or nurse practitioner any questions you might have about the sleep study.

All photos are courtesy of Jessica Mccormick photography.