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What to Expect

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Can I stay with my child?

On parent/legal guardian must stay for the entire night during the sleep study. Each sleep suite is set up with one bed or crib for your child and one bed for you to sleep in. Each sleep suite has a television and DVD player.

Older children (ages 15 and up) may prefer to stay without their parent/legal guardian but this requires that you fill out a consent form that gives permission for their child to stay overnight alone.
Note: Only one adult may stay overnight with your child.

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What will happen during our stay?

  • When you arrive, you will be greeted, and shown to your sleep suite. You will be introduced to your sleep technician.
  • The sleep technician will gather medical information from you about your child. The sleep technician will show you the equipment and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Please inform the sleep technician of any specific difficulties or changes in your child's sleep and your child's bedtime routine.
  • The technical equipment and the sleep technician will be in a central control room throughout the night during your child's sleep study. In the central control room, the sleep technician monitors your child's sleep and general condition. Your child will be monitored by a sleep technician during your stay with us. It is easy to call your sleep technician from your sleep suite, through an intercom system, if you need to or if you have any questions.

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What will happen 24-48 hours prior to the sleep study?

  • You will be contacted by the Sleep Center 24-48 hours before your child's scheduled appointment.
  • Please let us know if there are any changes in your child's health, your child is ill, or your child has had any recent medical treatments, which may require rescheduling your child's sleep study.
  • After regular business hours, please contact our nighttime lab at (585) 341-7447.
Note: We require 24-hour notice for cancellation of the sleep study.

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What should we plan on the day of the study?

  • Do not give your child any food or drinks that have caffeine (soda, chocolate, tea, coffee).
  • Do not apply any hair spray, gels, or oil to your child's hair. Your child's hair will need to be clean and dry.
  • Do not apply lotions or creams to your child's skin.
  • Pack an overnight bag for yourself and your child.
  • Arrive at the Sleep Center at 7:00 p.m.
  • Parents/caregivers should wear comfortable clothing.

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What should we pack in our overnight bag?

  • Two-piece pajama set (a top and bottom without zippers) or shorts and a t-shirt
  • Any special blanket, stuffed animal, pillow, or other special item that your child usually sleeps with, or that will help your child feel "at home" at the sleep lab
  • A book, if you usually read to your child at bedtime
  • Any special food or drink
  • Bottle or sippy cup, if your child uses one
  • Diapers, training pants, pull-ups, and wipes if your child is not fully potty-trained or has a history of bed-wetting
  • Extra set of pajamas, in case of accident
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and other personal hygiene items (towels are provided)
  • Any medications your child usually takes at nighttime or early in the morning
  • Clothing for the next day
  • Favorite movie, book, or activity to read during the set-up process

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What time should we arrive?

  • You and your child should arrive at the Pediatric Sleep Medicine Services at 7:00 p.m.
  • Please do not arrive before 7:00 p.m. Our sleep technicians will not be there to let you in before 7:00 p.m.

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Where do we go when we arrive?

  • The night parking and entrance is on the right side of the building as you're facing the main entrance. Please park in the smaller parking lot near the side entrance of the building. Please ring the bell at the side entrance door and a member of our staff will let you in.
  • Parking is free.

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Do we need to bring any medications?

Yes. You will need to bring all medications that you and your child normally take at night and/or in the morning. Your child should take their medication according to their normal schedule unless otherwise indicated by the doctor.

Note: The Sleep Center does not provide any medication.

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Do we need to bring meals or snacks?

Yes. Snacks are not provided by the Sleep Center. Make sure to eat dinner before arriving for your sleep study. Please do not plan on eating dinner at the sleep lab because our technicians will need all of the available time to adequately prepare your child for his/her study. Plan on bringing any snacks your child may need before bedtime and/or breakfast in the morning–remembering that no caffeine products such as coffee, tea, cola drinks, or chocolate are allowed.

Note: The Sleep Center does not provide any food or drinks.

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What time can we go home the next morning?

The sleep study is completed between 6:00 and 6:30 in the morning. You and your child will be ready to leave by 6:45 a.m.

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What do we do before my child falls asleep or during any free time?

Please plan on spending the majority of your time with your child in his or her room. Bring reading materials, homework, or other quiet activities to occupy your child during set-up.

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How do we receive the results?

  • The physician or pediatric nurse practitioner will discuss with you the results of your sleep study during a follow-up office visit.
  • If you do not yet have a follow-up visit scheduled with our office, please call (585) 341-7444 to schedule this vital appointment. This office visit is how you will receive your child's sleep study results and is a necessary part of your child's treatment.

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