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Pediatric Laparoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Insertion

Run chart of dislodgement events

Run chart of dislodgement events demonstrating a reduction in events, driven by fewer inpatient dislodgements. Statistical comparison of pre and post-implementation events demonstrate a statistically significant reduction in in-patient dislodgements.

G-Tube Consult Checklist

This is the checklist used by consulting services as well as pediatric surgery when evaluating patients for new gastrostomy tube placement.

Intra-Op Checklist

This is the checklist used by our surgical team in our pediatric surgery ORs during surgical procedure for laparoscopic gastrostomy tube placements. By using this checklist we can ensure that the same process is implemented for every case.

Education Pathway

This education pathway is hung in the room of each patient with a newly inserted gastrostomy tube. It allows staff and parents to see the progress in their teaching and know what still needs to be done prior to discharge.

Feeding Guideline

This is a brief guideline used to determine te postoperative feeding plan for our surgical patients. Although there might be adjustments for particular patients, we use this document to guide our plan.

Nursing Standard of Care

This document is a resource for nursing staff. It includes the basic responsibilities of nurses regarding care and use of the various gastrostomy tubes as well as documentation and education needs. (You may be required to login to obtain access.)

Bedside Nursing G-Tube Tip Cards

This PDF contains printable cards to display at the patients' bedside.Surgery G-tube Reference Card

G-Tube Pocket Reference Card

We recommend having a reference card for parents to have on hand if issues arise.
It might include the following information:

  • Patient's Name
  • Insertion Date
  • Type of G-tube
  • Dislodgement Instructions
  • Phone number for emergencies
  • Web link, or QR code