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Miracle Makers: Eric Dreyfuss’s Gift an Act of Heroism for Local Children

Outstanding Commitment by an Individual

Eric Dreyfuss, M.D.After nearly half a century of treating children with allergies, Eric Dreyfuss, M.D., clinical assistant professor of Pediatrics at Golisano Children’s Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center, made a decision of heroic proportions, that would forever change the course of history for children in our region.

Dreyfuss established the Founders Fund, committing to make a $2 million gift that essentially serves as a promise to the Finger Lakes community that children who suffer from allergies will be provided the best possible care for generations to come. With Dreyfuss’s gift, he has given Golisano Children’s Hospital something invaluable – a sound and definitive investment in the hospital’s future.

“We are so very grateful to our friend and colleague, Dr. Eric Dreyfuss,” said Nina F. Schor, M.D., pediatrician-in-chief at Golisano Children’s Hospital and chair of URMC’s Department of Pediatrics (2006-17). “We are especially grateful as well for the chance it affords us to honor the outstanding founders of the field of pediatric allergy many of whom hailed from right here in Rochester, N.Y.”

Thanks to Dreyfuss’s charitable contribution, Golisano Children’s Hospital’s pediatric allergy program can recruit an experienced and reputable chief to see the program through its launch and ensure its stability as it begins to take on research projects. Dreyfuss’s gift doesn’t stop there. The Founders Fund will also provide training programs for future pediatricians and allergists to offer the best possible care to children with allergies.

“I really wanted to honor my mentors, the people who taught me, and to give back to the university and the community,” Dreyfuss said.

Asthma, a frequent complication arising from allergens, is the most common chronic illness in childhood and it has been increasing for a number of years, Dreyfuss explained. Allergies affect one in five Americans. They are life-changing and potentially deadly. To those children whose lives are threatened by asthmatic episodes and to the many others who live in constant fear of ingesting nuts, milk and other various allergens, Dreyfuss’s gift is truly an act of heroism.

Golisano Children’s Hospital prides itself in having a community of committed and caring pediatricians, who remain passionate and driven to improve the lives of children in our region throughout their career. Dreyfuss’s selfless and courageous commitment is emblematic of that mindset. Through his gift, Dreyfuss can and will help make miracles happen for the children in our region and for that, we are eternally grateful.