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“Music therapy is a very important part of my daughter’s recovery. It has made her happy when she is sad, smile when she is weak, and sit up when she is too tired. She loves music and Rosie.”
– Parent

“This program has helped our son through three different hospital stays and surgeries. Its value is immeasurable and these ladies are amazing!”
– Parent  

“Elaine with music therapy was everything for our daughter during all of her inpatient stays! She made her days more exciting and lively! It was definitely something to look forward to when you are cooped up in a hospital bed all day! A smiling face to come and play music and brighten all of our days! We are so thankful for Elaine and the music therapy program.”
– Parent

“Music has charms… to sooth, lift spirits, bring joy, and share moments of love. Thank you so much for helping me to discover how truly helpful music is when you are fighting an illness!”
– Adolescent Patient

“The music therapy program has been a great asset to the continued mission of psychosocial support for the children and families that we serve.”
– Wendy Lane, Child Life Coordinator