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Analytics - Digital Health

Drive efficiency and innovation in technology to improve outcomes for patient and families.

Digital Health

The Big Picture

To succeed in value-based care, health care providers need to fully leverage their analytics capabilities to provide the most effective and efficient high-value care.

Why It’s Important. And How We Will Do It

To ensure GCH is providing high-value care, we need to enhance the range of analytics tools available to coordinate initiatives and train clinicians. As a community, we will integrate systems to improve data sharing throughout the region, allowing for targeted care models and a more accessible, coordinated-care experience. To help meet our patients and families where they are, we will strategically grow our digital patient experience to provide patient education.

Our Objectives in Brief

  • Provide clinicians with analytical tools and training to accelerate clinical care value
    We will establish a central resource to develop and coordinate IT analytics initiatives. This centralized approach will help roll out high-impact IT solutions to enhance revenues, improve quality, and smooth patient transitions.
  • Use IT innovation to increase system-wide care coordination and communication
    As a community, we will enhance integration of our systems to improve patient data sharing. This approach will help us collectively close care gaps, focus on social determinants of health, and improve care pathways. This data sharing combined with our care management expertise will help find best care solutions and outcomes.
  • Optimize Existing Patient Care Technology
    We will continue to improve digital tools used by clinicians, patients, and families. For eRecord, we will continue to train and support clinicians as optimizations and upgrades occur as well as drive patients and families to MyChart and other eRecord applications. We will enhance the digital patient experience by leveraging mobile options to provide patient education and offer greater consumer convenience.

For further information on the Digital Health goal, please contact Lauren Bruckner, M.D., Ph.D. and Craig A. Mullen, M.D., Ph.D.