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Develop health care providers with the skills and mindset to guide academic health care into the future.

Pediatrics Education and Training

Learn more about our medical school, pediatric fellowships and residency programs.

Education & Training

The Big Picture

Within our classrooms, laboratories, and clinical settings, we’ll develop physicians and scientists with the skills and mindset to guide pediatric health care and research into the future. We will support the continuous learning of GCH with targeted initiatives to enhance care.

Why It’s Important, and How We'll Do It

As health care shifts to reward providers for quality of care and research seeks to tackle complex problems through coordinating numerous investigators, current and future faculty and staff increasingly need to understand how to function effectively in teams. To ensure the continuous learning of all, interdisciplinary education teams will develop training focused on specific healthcare issues that plague our community.

Our Objectives in Brief

Develop the ideal resident learning structure and culture that incorporates all professions and patient care priorities.

As patient care demands heighten, we strive for the right balance of service and education needed for appropriate training and thoughtful development. Driven by hospital, nursing and residency leadership, we will promote a respectful team culture and an inclusive environment for all, and will enhance our recruitment and retention efforts focused on under-represented minority trainees.

Our plan will develop a team of educators who will foster innovative, interdisciplinary approaches among trainees and faculty while ensuring ongoing educational development. This central function will address education topics in a coordinated manner, and the central priority will be improving pediatric behavioral health training and access to resources.