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Patient Care

Develop high-value clinical programs that position us as leaders nationally and internationally, and prepare us for population health care models.

Patient Care

The Big Picture

We strive to be the local children’s hospital that rivals national hospitals with a unique patient experience and superior outcomes.

Why It’s Important, and How We'll Do It

To sustain a broad complement of specialist and subspecialist services, we will branch out into Upstate New York and form partnerships to ensure Western New York’s kids can receive high-quality services close to home. We will enhance how we provide care by expanding telemedicine and the pre-visit experience, improving patient transitions and put and a team focus on quality, safety and the patient experience.

Our Objectives in Brief

  • Build Upstate New York service lines that are margin-producing and have potential for growth.
    To provide specialized care in Western New York, we will strategically grow services lines with regional clinical partners. Collaborating with other clinical entities will stabilize faculty recruitment and retention efforts. Most importantly, this will allow families to stay local for their care.
  • Promote an institutional culture of learning that optimizes quality, safety, outcomes, and patient/family experiences.
    In alignment with Strong Memorial Hospital’s quality-improvement efforts, we want to ensure that each child experiences high-quality care in a safe, quiet clinical environment with the best outcomes possible.
  • Increase regional access to care for patients and families.
    Expanding care access across the region helps preserve inpatient beds at Golisano Children’s Hospital for patients with the most intensive needs. When possible, GCH will provide lower acuity care in the region through specialty clinics and telemedicine with the ability to refer to GCH when needed.
  • Partner with community providers and facilities to increase access to GCH care services.
    GCH will strengthen its relationship with regional providers through supporting local pediatric services. Use of telemedicine technology will allow GCH clinicians to care for children remotely both in a clinic setting as well as through inpatient tele-rounding. As a result, we will enhance the standard of pediatric care available while helping stabilize local hospitals.
  • Improve care transitions for all patients.
    Through the development of the Transitional Medicine division, GCH is supporting their older pediatric patients’ transition into adult care providers. GCH will leverage analytics and care management to move patients smoothly through their inpatient experience, ultimately deploying health care resources better.
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