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Population Health and Partnerships

Collaborate with our community of scientists, educators, providers, and payers to develop population health approaches to improving children’s health in our region and beyond.

Population Health

The Big Picture

As payment models shift to value-based reimbursements, developing payer contracts that incentivize quality and value requires collectively agreeing upon shared health priorities for children and adolescents across our pediatric community.

Why It’s Important. And How We Will Do It

Our community’s pediatricians are members with the two accountable care organizations (ACO) in Rochester. This gives Rochester the opportunity for a “one-system” approach to value-based pediatric care with the potential for a community-wide, positive impact for our children and families.  With an increased maternal-child health presence at the Accountable Health Partners (AHP), we are working with payers and community pediatricians to develop value-based pediatric contracts. Through collaboration with a myriad of stakeholders, we are identifying and developing training and resources to improve pediatric behavioral health care — a leading health problem for the kids and families in our community.

Our Objectives in Brief

  • Improve screening, prevention, and management of pediatric behavioral health issues through a coordinated community approach, as well as increase access and education.
  • To comprehensively address pediatric behavioral health in our community, we will work with our GCH education experts to develop and offer opportunities and resources for community pediatric providers, subspecialists, and educators across the community. Also with our education experts, we will enhance behavioral health training in our residency program to ensure further physicians are prepared to manage these difficult cases. To identify behavioral problems promptly in our patients, we will implement universal preventive screenings for pediatric behavioral health through Accountable Health Partners (AHP).
  • Develop community-wide, population health approaches to better serve children and adolescents.
  • With accountable care organizations (ACO) and payers, we will identify pediatrics quality improvement areas and subsequent valued-based contracts. To enhance the effectiveness of these contracts, we will educate community pediatric providers on quality standards in our shared priority areas and support them to achieve maximum value.
  • Increase bi-directional communication between Golisano Children’s Hospital and community pediatric providers.
  • We will clarify and enhance GCH’s non-direct patient care services for community pediatricians such as credentialing, CME, and on-boarding.

For further information on the Population Health and Partnerships goal, please contact Laura Jean "LJ" Shipley, M.D., Daryl Sharp, Ph.D., and Mike Scharf, M.D.