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Break new ground in child health research with novel cures and treatments and models of care.


The Big Picture

Building on the department’s research strengths, we will focus on collaborative “scientific communities” organized around building and increasing knowledge and discovery within specific areas of health.

Why It’s Important, and How We'll Do It

To build impactful teams, enhance our competitiveness for funding and grow our reputation, we will organize our research portfolio around specific programs of excellence. We will focus on providing a research environment that encourages teamwork and collegiality as well as mentorship and career development.

Our Objectives in Brief

  • Develop impactful children’s health research programs of excellence (POEs) that leverage institutional strengths
  • We will develop a process to identify POEs that build the department’s reputation and align with medical center wide research priorities.
  • Develop a strong, organized mentorship program at all levels of a career in research
  • With collaborative partners, we will identify opportunities to enhance and grow research mentorship. We will support faculty by providing training on mentorship principles and expectations. A specific focus will center on ensuring high quality K award proposals (support for senior postdoctoral fellows or faculty-level candidates.)
  • Restructure research administration and infrastructure to increase efficiency and collaboration to ensure all elements of the research plan implementation can be successfully aligned with department/hospital branding for research.
  • We will work to ensure GCH is known internally and externally as a research intensive institution.
  • Build a “Culture of Community” across the Pediatrics Research Enterprise.
  • We will develop established activities that build collegiality and collaboration in the children’s health research community that include lectureships, research days and social events.

For further information on the research goal, please contact Thomas Mariani, Ph.D.