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Medicines, Diets, and Other Treatments for Epilepsy

  • - This is a collaboration between the Epilepsy Society and the Epilepsy Therapy Project. There is useful information regarding medications and other treatments, as well as information about patient and family groups which support those living with epilepsy.
  • Epilepsy Pralid Inc - Epilepsy Pralid Inc, is the Epilepsy Foundation chapter which covers Central New York- encompassing the Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton area. They can be an excellent resource for family support, information on epilepsy management, and have an excellent summer camp (Camp EAGR) which is one of only 8 epilepsy-specific kids sleep-over camps in the country. In addition there are supports for teens, assistance with transition to adult care, and many supports for adults living with epilepsy, including workshops, job assistance, and care coordination.
  • The Charlie Foundation - information on the ketogenic diet and other dietary therapies.
  • URMC Dietary therapy Pinterest page - URMC Dietary therapy Pinterest page, with information on recipes, helpful sites about dietary therapy, epilepsy, and recipes. This can be found by following the link or by looking up URMC in the "Pinners" search on Pinterest.

More Information About Epilepsy and Related Disorders

Applications/Website for Keeping Track of Medicines, Seizures, Side Effects, and Other Symptoms

Medic Alert Bracelets (among others)

Participate in Epilepsy Research

Supportive Resources