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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Can my Social Worker do Once my Child Has Been Admitted to the Hospital?

Once admitted your social worker can:

  • Help familiarize you and your child with the hospital and its services
  • Help you and your child learn about his or her illness
  • Help you get information about insurance and tap into sources for emotional and practical support
  • Help maintain open lines of communication between your child and family and your child’s medical staff

Can my Social Worker Help me Throughout the Admission Process?

Your child's social worker can assist with:

  • Suggestions for how your family can cope during your child's hospitalization.
  • Transportation needs
  • Overnight accommodations:

Who Can I Turn to for Emotional Support?

Often when a child is hospitalized, parents can feel stressed, worried, or frightened. Your social worker is available to talk to you and your family about these feelings, one-on-one or as a group. In addition, he or she can connect you with other support services including chaplaincy, counselors, or support groups.

How do I Find a Social Worker?

Contact your child's nurse or unit secretary. They can connect you with a social worker specific to your needs. You can also contact the hospital Social Work Department directly at (585) 275-2851 or stop in and speak to the secretary in Room 1-4550.