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Become a Trial Innovation Network Site Investigator

University of Rochester researchers can participate as site investigators in multi-site clinical trials initiated by others in the Trial Innovation Network (TIN). The TIN connects CTSA Program hubs nationwide to leverage their expertise and resources to conduct large, multi-site clinical trials. Researchers can sign up to be contacted about future clinical trial opportunities from across the CTSA Program.

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Lead investigators from across the CTSA Program use the TIN Expression of Interest (EOI) process to recruit participating sites for their clinical trials. When the UR CTSI's TIN Liaison team receives an EOI request from the TIN, they will reach out to relevant departments to gauge researchers’ interested in being a site investigator for the trial described in the EOI. Any researchers who are interested in becoming the site investigator for a trial may be asked to review:

  • EHR-based cohort assessment of the site
  • Protocol review/feasibility assessment
  • Budget review/feasibility assessment

Researchers can express their interest in joining the trial as a site investigator after reviewing the EOI documents.

If you agree to serve as a site investigator for a TIN study, this will not impact your NIH early-stage investigator status.

Get Started

Researchers can sign up to be contacted about future TIN clinical trial opportunities.

Standard Due Dates: The TIN EOI generally asks for a response within three weeks from the date the email arrived to the UR TIN Liaison Team.

Confidentiality: All documents shared in the TIN EOI are kept confidential and only disclosed to the extent necessary to provide the EOI services. University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry executed the TIN Umbrella Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA), which is effective until July 31, 2028. To review the Protocol of the multi-site trial, the UR TIN Liaison team will help you to complete the CDA process.


Visit the UR CTSI's Office of Clinical Research for tools and services for the administration of clinical trials.

The TIN gives investigators and multisite trial teams from around the CTSA Program the chance to share their expertise and learn from one another through a variety of webinars and meetings. Teams can also share clinical trial related tools and resources in the TIN Toolbox. You can also peruse a list of publications related to TIN trials and search by topics, like "recruitment and retention" or "COVID."

TIN Webinar

Attend: All University of Rochester faculty, staff, and trainees are welcome to attend TIN webinars to learn about clinical trial best practices and lessons learned from experts around the country. You can find information about upcoming TIN webinars on the TIN Resources & Events pageUR CTSI News & Events page, and in the UR CTSI Weekly Update (subscribe). Recordings of past TIN webinars can be found on the Clinical Research Webinar archive.

Host: University of Rochester faculty, staff, and trainees can also host a Collaboration Webinar to share their expertise, methods, and/or best practices to improve the way trials are conducted. Contact the UR CTSI Research Help Desk to host a TIN webinar.

TIN Toolbox

Access resources and tools developed by TIN experts in the TIN ToolboxNote: These materials are not meant for the general public. Some materials may not be suitable for adoption in isolation of a comprehensive engagement, recruitment, and retention plan.

If you would like to share your resource with the TIN Toolbox, please contact the UR CTSI Research Help Desk.

TIN Publications

Review selected publications from the TIN. You can also search findings by: IRBStudies SupportedStudy ConductCOVIDRecruitment and Retention, and TIN


If you have questions or need help, please email

Past Projects

ACTIVE-1 trial

"Abatacept, Cenicriviroc, or Infliximab for Treatment of Adults Hospitalized With COVID-19 Pneumonia: A Randomized Clinical Trial." JAMA. 2023 July 10; Epub 2023 July 10

Immune Modulators Have Mixed Results on COVID Pneumonia

DOSE trial

"Mechanisms to expedite pediatric clinical trial site activation: The DOSE trial experience." Contemporary clinical trials. 2022 Dec 25; :107067. Epub 2022 Dec 25.

STRESS trial

"Methylprednisolone for Heart Surgery in Infants - A Randomized, Controlled Trial." The New England Journal of Medicine. 2022 Nov 6; Epub 2022 Nov 06.

ACTIVE-1 trial

"Infliximab for Treatment of Adults Hospitalized with Moderate or Severe Covid-19." medRxiv: the preprint server for health sciences. 2022 Sep 26; Epub 2022 Sep 26.

ACTIVE-1 trial

"Abatacept for Treatment of Adults Hospitalized with Moderate or Severe Covid-19." medRxiv: the preprint server for health sciences. 2022 Sep 26; Epub 2022 Sep 26.

CSSC trial

"Transfusing convalescent plasma as post-exposure prophylaxis against SARS-CoV-2 infection: a double-blinded, phase 2 randomized, controlled trial." Clinical infectious diseases: an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. 2022 May 17; Epub 2022 May 17.

CSSC trial

"Early Outpatient Treatment for Covid-19 with Convalescent Plasma." The New England journal of medicine. 2022 Mar 30; Epub 2022 Mar 30.


CSSC trial

"How do I implement an outpatient program for the administration of convalescent plasma for COVID-19?" Transfusion. 2022 Mar 29; Epub 2022 Mar 29.


I don’t have any experience in clinical research. Am I eligible for the TIN site investigator?

Yes, UR CTSI is seeking to expand research opportunities for the URMC research community. If you are interested in clinical research, fill out the become a site PI of the multi-site study survey. And if you have any questions, feel free to send an email to