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Office of Clinical Research

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) provides tools and services to help University of Rochester Medical Center faculty and staff with the administration of clinical trials. By streamlining the processes behind clinical research, we hope to empower our clinical research teams to do more high-impact clinical trials that can advance clinical discovery and offer patients and community members more options and opportunities. We also make it easier for researchers to comply with clinical trial rules and regulations and produce successful outcomes.


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New Feasibility Assessment Can Tell You What It Will Take to Run Your Clinical Trial

The Office of Clinical Research has rolled out a new, free feasibility assessment that University researchers can use to assess what it will take to run a proposed clinical trial. The three-step process can help investigators and departments make informed decisions about which clinical trials to invest time and effort into.

Learn more on the UR CTSI Stories blog.



Study Feasibility

We help clinical research teams assess the feasibility of proposed clinical studies, develop meaningful metrics to help guide how they manage their clinical studies, and offer departments new clinical study opportunities.


Research Finance

Our research finance team will help you determine Medicaid/Medicare coverage, analyze study cost and timeline, invoice sponsors, create and negotiate budgets, reconcile revenue, review patients’ accounts, and more.




The OnCore clinical trial management system is industry-leading software that streamlines much of the administrative work behind clinical trials. OnCore helps clinical research teams track research participant visits and manage study finances.


Participant Payments

Participant Payments is a better way to manage stipends and travel reimbursements across clinical trials. This automated system, which is fully integrated with OnCore, is safe, secure, easy to use and immediately provides funds to participants.