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Office of Clinical Research

The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) provides tools and services to help University of Rochester Medical Center faculty and staff with the administration of clinical trials. By streamlining the processes behind clinical research, we hope to empower our clinical research teams to do more high-impact clinical trials that can advance clinical discovery and offer patients and community members more options and opportunities. We also make it easier for researchers to comply with clinical trial rules and regulations and produce successful outcomes.Office of Clinical Research infographic: Feasibility - In the 2021-2022 fiscal year, the OCR received 215 multi-site clinical trial opportunities from TriNetX, CROs and industry sponsors. Finance - 10 of 19 URMC departments with billing risk trials use OCR Research Finance services. Across 12 studies, the OCR Research Finance service line negotiated an additional $480,000 into the research study budgets for protocol and subject-related costs. OnCore Training - From a recent survey of 329 active OnCore users, 78%25 of respondents preferred remote demonstration and hands-on training. OCR is adding live demos, consultation and live workflow labs to its existing self-guided training in response. Onsemble - The OCR paid for 38 URMC researchers to attend Advarra’s Onsemble conference in fall 2021 and 60 in spring 2022.

Study Feasibility

The Office of Clinical Research helps clinical research teams assess the feasibility of proposed clinical studies and develop meaningful metrics to help guide how they manage their clinical studies. We provide all sorts of support related to study start up and even offers departments new clinical study opportunities.

Learn more about our Feasibility Services.

Research Finance

The Office of Clinical Research is streamlining research finances for clinical trials across the University of Rochester. Our research finance team will help you determine Medicaid/Medicare coverage, analyze study cost and timeline, create and negotiate budgets, invoice sponsors, reconcile revenue, review patients’ accounts, and more.

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The OnCore clinical trial management system is industry-leading software that streamlines much of the administrative work behind clinical trials. OnCore helps clinical research teams track research participant visits and manage study finances.

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Participant Payments

Participant Payments is a better way to efficiently manage stipends and travel reimbursements across clinical trials. This automated payment system, which is fully integrated with OnCore, is safe, secure, easy to use and immediately provides funds to participants.

Learn more about Participant Payments.