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Feasibility Services

The Office of Clinical Research offers feasibility services to clinical research teams enterprise-wide. Our team can help you assess the feasibility of proposed clinical studies and develop meaningful metrics to help guide how you manage your clinical studies.


General Feasibility Services

Our feasibility services team will help you with any feasibility needs including exposure to more clinical trial opportunities, submitting confidentiality agreements, completing feasibility surveys, assessing the TriNetX Cohort Discovery tools, and management of the Shared Investigator Platform (SIP).

  • Assist with completion of feasibility surveys
  • Offer tailored feasibility analysis built to your individual department’s specifications

New Clinical Trial Opportunities

Communication with CROs, Sponsors, Industry Partners

  • Provide direct and open communications and connection with major CROs and industry sponsors

CDA/NDA and CDA Addendum Submissions

  • Submit CDA/NDA and CDA addendums on behalf of department investigators and coordinators 

TriNetX Cohort Discovery

  • Identify potential eligible study populations through the TriNetX Cohort Discovery tool
  • Respond to industry sponsor questions about study populations
  • Provide analyses and data so you can get the study you want

Shared Investigator Platform


We can connect you with sponsors, contract research organizations, and biopharmaceutical companies from across the globe to build meaningful relationships and streamline communications and feasibility processes. We may also contact departments with new clinical trial opportunities available through our partners and networks.

Get Started

Complete the Feasibility Assessment Request form to begin.


The Office of Clinical Research (OCR) maintains a set of resources related to key aspects of clinical trials that departments involved in clinical trials can utilize. URMC research coordinators, administrators, and faculty can access and download tip sheets, memos, directions, and other important documentation to help them with various stages and aspects of clinical trials.

Additional information about TriNetX as well as trainings materials are available.


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Q: Is there a cost associated with feasibility services?

A: No, feasibility services are provided at no charge and is a service available to any department.

Q: When is the best time to request a feasibility assessment?

A: Ideally, a feasibility assessment is performed prior to any other work on the study.

Q: How long does the assessment process take?

A: Feasibility assessments are completed in three to five business days. Break even analysis is an additional three weeks for results.

Q: Does the result of the feasibility assessment affect my ability to open a study?

A: No, feasibility assessments are intended to provide more information to study teams to determine on their own if they should move forward.