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UR Health Research Website

University of Rochester researchers can leverage the UR Health Research Website to reach patients and members of the community who are interested in learning more about health research. Researchers can add their health research studies that are currently enrolling participants to the “Open Studies” listing on the site, where patients and community members can search for studies by keyword.

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Each study listing is its own web page with a unique URL. You can use the study listing as your “landing page” for online ads, QR codes, etc. (if you don’t have a separate study website, for example).

Optionally, a pre-made form to collect contact information can be added to a study listing. This allows potential volunteers to leave their phone number and/or email address so you can follow up with more information about study participation. (You will receive an email notification each time the form is submitted.)


Listing your study on the UR Health Research website can help you reach potential volunteers who may be looking for a study like yours. Volunteers can contact you with their questions and indicate their interest in a study.

By listing your study on the site, we can also increase the community's awareness of the types of studies available at the University. This is beneficial to the broader institution and helps make access to research studies more equitable.

Get Started

Individual research teams can add their IRB-approved studies to the site, however some groups have a designated staff member who enters studies into the system. To avoid duplication, contact your department administrator before adding your study. If your study is posted on, a record will be started in the Clinical Trials Admin website. You must finish the record and select that it is ready to be listed on the web before it can be made public. If you cannot find your study even though it is on, contact

Post Your Study

  1. Log in to the Clinical Trials Admin website using your URMC-SH credentials.
  2. Select "Add Study."
  3. Complete all fields with an asterisk (*).  Here is a tip sheet to help.
  4. Save your study (certain fields have to be entered in order to save your study; this worksheet includes all required fields).
    • The start and end study listing dates can be the entire duration of the study (not just the approved yearly dates). Check back periodically to this site to update/edit your trials or studies. Consider adding an item reminder to your computer’s task list or to your personal calendar.

  5. If your study is ready to be posted to the public site, check "Ready to list on web" AND uncheck "Trial in draft mode."
  6. Your study will be reviewed by the website administrator, who will either release the study to the site or contact you with questions.
  7. Once you receive the automated "confirmation" email, you may review your study on the UR Health Research website.

Edit Your Study

  1. Log in to the Clinical Trials Admin website using your URMC-SH credentials. 
  2. Select "Edit" (pencil) next to the study you want to edit.
  3. Update the desired fields.
  4. Save your changes.


If you encounter a system problem or concern, email the Research Help Desk.


Do I need additional IRB approval to list my study as a recruitment tool?

RSRB and WIRB have stated that separate IRB approval of listings of clinical studies on an internet site listing various studies is not required when the information provided is limited to basic study information, such as the title, purpose of the study, protocol summary, basic eligibility criteria, study site location(s), and how to contact the site for further information. For more information, please visit the FDA website.  

I cannot attend a training session. How do I get help?

Help is always available to answer your questions. You can e-mail and the posting administrator will respond to your questions. Someone can even come to your work area and sit with you to review the posting process if needed.

How do I edit a study posting?

On the Clinical Study admin dashboard, find the study you wish to update. (If you have a lot of studies posted, find it quickly by typing the IRB number in the search box which is located in the top left corner of the page). Once your study appears, select the pencil icon and make changes as needed. Be sure to save your changes.  

When will my study be visible on the UR Health Research website?

Your study will become visible when it has been reviewed by the website’s administrator. Once the study is approved an e-mail notification will be sent to the study’s Poster, Additional Poster, and PI.  

I want to add a video link to my study posting information. How do I do that?

Currently, there is no functionality to upload a video to a study listing. If it is hosted elsewhere (i.e. on URMC servers or a YouTube channel) a link to the video can be added to the “Additional Study Links” section of a listing.

I am worried about getting people who don’t qualify. How do I prevent this?  

You can add pre-screen questions to your study listing. Those who don’t answer questions correctly will receive an automated message saying they do not qualify.    

I am listed as the study contact, but I am not able to see the study when I log in to the Clinical Studies admin page. Why?

The listed study contact does not automatically have access to a study because some studies use general departmental or shared email addresses and not a specific person. For a study to appear on their Clinical Study admin dashboard, the study contact also needs to be listed as a poster or additional poster. If you have further questions, contact

I entered a new study, but it isn’t showing up under “My Studies” in the Clinical Studies admin dashboard. Why?

Your study may not be showing because:

  • You forgot to select “Save” before you exited the system.
  • The system timed out before you finished. They system does not have autosave functionality.
  • One of the expiration dates (IRB approval ending date or the study ending date) has passed, so it moved to the “Archived Studies” section at the bottom of the page.
  • If none of the above reasons apply to you, contact and the website posting admin can help identify the problem for you.  

(HINT: When you first select “Add Study” click the “Save” button and then complete just the boxes that have turned red. These red boxes are required information that must be completed before your initial save. You can then return to the study and complete the additional fields. Makes sure you click the "Save" button before you exit or your information will be lost.