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John Cullen Appointed to Leadership Role in AAMC's Group on Women in Medicine and Science

John P. Cullen, Ph.D.The Association of American Medical Colleges’ Group on Women in Medicine and Science (GWIMS) has selected John Cullen, Ph.D., director of Diversity and Inclusion at the CTSI, as its steering committee’s new issue-based representative. Cullen, who is also the assistant director of the Susan B. Anthony Center at the University of Rochester, brings unique perspectives to the group on male allyship and the need to support women in academic biomedical research.

GWIMS is a national network of faculty and administrators of AAMC-member institutions working to address gender inequity and promote women’s participation and inclusion in academic medicine. The GWIMS steering committee can recommend policies regarding women in medicine and science and offer guidance on program directions to the AAMC.

“We are thrilled that Dr. Cullen can bring his expertise and unique perspective to help move the committee’s work forward,” said Diana Lautenberger, M.A.T., director of Constituent Engagement at AAMC. “His initiative to serve on the leadership of this group shows that men are eager and willing to contribute to the success, advancement, and inclusion of women in academic medicine and science and that these issues impact everyone.”

Cullen, the first man elected onto the GWIMS steering committee, was specially appointed to that position for his unique qualification in the two priority areas identified by the steering committee: male allyship and scientific research.  These areas are often at the heart of his roles as director of Diversity and Inclusion for research workforce at the medical center and assistant director of a university center focused on gender equity and social justice.

At a recent conference cosponsored by GWIMS and the Group on Diversity and Inclusion, Cullen facilitated workshops on diversifying the research workforce and building bridges between medical center offices for women and diversity and their associated undergraduate campuses. As a steering committee member, Cullen wants to broaden GWIMS’ focus to better address the needs of female biomedical researchers, who tend to have more difficulty getting grant funding, accessing quality mentors, and striking a good work-life balance.    

Cullen also hopes to encourage more men to join GWIMS and partner with women to tackle gender inequity in academic medicine. 

“Gender inequity is not just a fight for women – it is a societal issue that will benefit from women and men working together,” said Cullen. “Men ought to be integral partners in the endeavor to advance women in academic medicine.”

Cullen was appointed to the new position at the AAMC Learn Serve Lead Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts on November 3. The GWIMS steering committee also instated Linda H. Chaudron, M.D., M.S., associate vice president and senior associate dean for Inclusion and Culture Development at the University of Rochester Medical Center, as its 2018 chair-elect at the meeting.

Learn more about Chaudron’s appointment in URMC Faculty News.

Susanne Pritchard Pallo | 11/16/2017

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