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Mission Statement

Applying the latest innovations in personalized brain mapping to ensure the best outcome for our patients and to advance the scientific study of the human brain.

Patient Stories

The story of Dan, a musician and music teacher with a brain tumor, who went through the Translational Brain Mapping program for personalized music mapping.

Scientific Advances


Every patient that we study advances our understanding of the human brain.
Read about our latest scientific advances.

Preserving the Mind Through Personalized Brain Mapping

In the News

This Music Teacher Played His Saxophone While In Brain Surgery

NPR Health News Article on Dan Fabbio

When music teacher Dan Fabbio played a simple melody on his saxophone as he laid on the operating table after his brain tumor had been removed, music never sounded so sweet.
The Surgeon’s Perspective: A Patient Plays His Saxophone During Brain Surgery

He played his saxophone right after brain surgery to signal success

People Magazine article on Dan Fabbio

Watch the saxophone brain surgery video

NBC Health News article: Musician Plays Sax During Brain Tumor Surgery

Mid-surgery sax solo sounds success for retaining musical ability

New Atlas brain surgery article

Greece native defends thesis in cognitive neuroscience 12 years after aneurysm »

Surviving a Stroke Propels Career in Brain Research »

Student work opens the brain to help surgeons remove tumors »

SMD Student David Paul (M.D. ’16) Wins National Cadbury Award for Academic and Volunteer Achievements.

Pilot research offers new insights about how the brain fixes itself

New imaging technique helps predict how vision recovers after brain tumor removal.

Understanding recovery process could have implications for many different injuries of the central nervous system

Health and Medicine

Images show how brain heals itself after tumor »

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