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EEG Experimental Booths:

UR CABIN is home to 6 state-of-the art EEG booths dedicated to cognitive research with human participants.

Photo of one of the EEG testing rooms at UR CABIN

  • Each booth is specially designed with acoustic and electrical shielding to maximize data quality. 
  • Four booths are equipped with high density BioSemi ActiveTwo EEG systems compatible with up to 256 electrodes, high resolution monitors for presenting visual stimuli, headphones for auditory stimuli, and high-fidelity microphones to record responses. 
  • Two booths are equipped with Brainvision ActiChamp systems with 32 or 64 channels, and 3 special electrodes for auditory brainstem response. One of these is also equipped with a 53-channel loudspeaker array (4 degree spacing) with an array of over 1000 RGB LEDs (0.2 degree spacing) and Vive Pro Eye VR HMD for visual stimuli that can also track eyes. 
  • Eye tracking systems Eyelink1000 (SR Research), TOBI Pro, and PupilLabs Core are installed in the EEG booths and can be used in conjunction with EEG, or other cognitive tasks presented on stationary computer monitors. 
  • Mini-MoBI technology is also available for fine motor data collection.