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  • David was extremely proud of the Eye Institute’s growth,” Chessin said. “If he got into something and he was passionate about it, he would go to the ends of the earth for it."
  • There are times when you think you’re going to lose your mind,” Vogt said. “But throughout it, Dr. Chung remained calm and reassuring. . .
  • Novel imaging technique  Jesse Schalleck, PH.D., . . .Vascular physiology is best studied noninvasively inside the living body. . .   
  • FEI chair eyes new role . . .Feldon has a strong record of bringing medical discoveries to market. . .                                                                                                                          Vision For the Future Cover Page Graphic
  • “First in New York to implant bionic eye. . .”I saw his hand, I couldn't miss that. . .”
  • "I had total faith in my FEI physicians and I followed every patient instruction to the letter." said Craig Miller, MD.
  • The Flaum Eye Institute acquisition sees into the future of eye care.
  • Because she communicates almost exclusively using American Sign Language,  vision is a cherished sense.
  • FEI recently became the 12th center in the United States to offer a new therapy that provides a solution for patients with compromised corneas.
  • This incredible act of generosity helped to solidify Aquavella's dream of a world-class eye institute in Rochester and paid tribute to his late wife Catherine "Kay" who also shared his goal...
  • A Remarkable Headache Cure …“On a scale of 10, my headaches were a 12. Lynn Nulton-Lehning said. “As far as I’m concerned Dr. Feldon is a miracle worker.” Nulton-Lehning is a miracle herself.
  • “I have regained my vision,” Drake continued. “More so, I have regained a sense of optimism and the sheer joy of being able to capture something that brings happiness to others. I wouldn’t be in photography if it weren’t for Dr. Ching and the Flaum Eye Institute.”
  • “We just love Dr. is so nice to have an ophthalmologist who is dedicated to kids and who is so calm and understanding of their problems.” Dr. Gearinger has been Dan's quarterback says Dan's Mom.
  • Lubitow said that "the link between my diabetes and diabetic retinopathy never really came up until there it was. It started with blurriness and grayness, and truthfully I thought it was age. Fortunately I was sent to the (Flaum) Eye Institute.”
  • “If I were to close my right eye while driving, I could see the road but not any details. I couldn't see the yellow lines, or make out oncoming cars, or even read the letters on a stop sign. But thanks to Dr. Aquavella, my right eye is 20/25 and life is great,”
  • Soon the Flaum Eye Institute will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary. This upcoming milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on how far FEI has come and to anticipate its future direction. As part of this critical exercise, the faculty, board, and staff are working together to develop the culture and infrastructure of a “Learning Organization,” as envisioned by Peter Senge in his modern classic book, The Fifth Discipline.
  • Harvesting Intellectual Capital (Fall 2010) I am pleased to report that the Flaum Eye Institute (FEI) is enjoying increased momentum in the area of translational research. If you've been reading previous editions of Vision for the Future, you may be familiar with Krystel Huxlin, Ph.D., and her work in restoring vision to people who have suffered cortical blindness due to stroke.
  • Remarkable Gifts from Two Remarkable Families (December 2009)
    In this special edition of Vision for the Future is great news from the University of Rochester. To acknowledge the exceptional support of David and Ilene Flaum, we have named the Eye Institute in their honor. The Flaum Eye Institute (FEI) will continue to relentlessly pursue excellence in its missions of research, education, patient care, and technology transfer.
  • Building for Tomorrow: Accepting the Challenge (Fall 2009)
    I am pleased to announce that we at the University of Rochester Eye Institute are achieving many of our goals initially established at our founding just eight years ago. In this issue of Vision for the Future, we are pleased to announce new grants from the National Eye Institute (NEI) including NORDIC, establishing the University of Rochester as an important part of NEI’s clinical research enterprise.
  • Translational Research in Action (Winter 2008)
    One of the cornerstones at the University of Rochester Eye Institute (UREI) is the idea of moving basic scientific discoveries into clinical applications beneficial to patients, commonly called translational research. As we’ve grown, we’ve paid close attention to creating the infrastructure and recruiting the faculty and staff necessary in support of this goal. Right now, we are completing one of the most important phases of construction at the Eye Institute, opening additional laboratory space dedicated to understanding and treating the mechanisms of eye disease.
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